About me


My name is Sarah and I’m a plant-a-holic… Yes, at the ripe old age of 34, I’ve succumbed to an addiction usually associated with the over-50s. By day I’m a freelance journalist, but by night and at weekends you’ll find me elbowing pensioners out of the way at garden centres and scouring seed catalogues instead of the Sunday papers.

It hasn’t always been this way. A decade spent immersed in the world of women’s magazines meant the only thing I used to covet were the latest Louboutins or must-have Mulberry bag. These days, however, the objects of my affection are invariably flower-shaped, and whether it’s the elegant spires of a delphinium or the velvety perfection of a poppy, I can’t wait to get my plants in the ground so I can stand back and admire them.

I’m not sure what  prompted this new obsession, only that there’s a strange, almost meditative peace that envelops me when I’m out there tending my modest patch of green. My garden might not be RHS Wisley, but it’s my haven; a place I retreat to after a stressful week of deadlines, demands and a relentlessly tedious commute.

I suppose, if you think about it, honing a magazine feature and nurturing a garden aren’t a million miles apart. My working week is spent planting commas in the right place or pruning errant adjectives from rambling sentences. In short, I’m a pedantic bugger, but it’s a trait that comes in handy when you’re confronted with gardening’s many meticulous tasks, such as sowing seed or pricking out seedlings.


When I’m not editing features or mooching in the garden, I love nothing better than planning a cheeky weekend away somewhere stylish, unique and peaceful, far from the madding crowds of London. Soulless hotels and spa-spangled manors don’t really float my boat, so I tend to hunt out cosy cottages in beautiful surroundings; the kind of places where amazing views and quirky interiors more than make up for the lack of room service.

This humble blog is therefore a mish-mash of these two passions, and I hope you enjoy it. Unfortunately, I don’t have Monty Don on speed-dial, so please bear this in mind when relying on my gardening wisdom. If you spot any glaring mistakes, do get in touch. I welcome any tips from other green-fingered folk, so please shout if you disagree with my advice or have something to add.

In the meantime, happy hoeing!

Sarah x


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