Meet Molly…

She follows me like a shadow in the garden, poking her nose (and tail) into whatever I’m doing. When she eventually kicks the bucket, I’m going to bury her in her favourite spot: underneath the catmint bush where she’s spent many a sultry summer’s afternoon sunning herself and rolling about on the plant’s fragrant leaves.

For some reason, cats go absolutely nuts for catmint. The posh latin name for this perennial is Nepeta Mussinii, which is how it’s usually labelled in garden centres. It’s a brilliant plant: easy to grow with a lovely scent that’s released whenever you brush against it. For this reason, it’s perfect for lining paths where the delicate flowers create a haze of purply blue.

Catmint or ‘Nepeta’ has tiny purple flowers and fragrant foliage.

Molly starts the ‘catmint roll’ as soon as soon as the plant’s shoots appear


Pricking out seedlings…

Tying in the rose bushes…

And relax…


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